Some hopefuls may not be on the list!

Even those looking forward to making it to Diyawanna through the List do not appear to know about it.

According to the calculations of Pohottuwa high-ups, their coalition may qualify for nominating 15 to 16 members on the List.

Meanwhile, our sources say that the chairman and the general secretary of the Pohottuwa-led alliance are definitely among others on the List. 

A legal luminary, one or two former top team members and two characters from the Viyathmaga are on the List. Some slots on the List have also been reserved for nominees of two or three alliance partners.

Nevertheless, some changes in the List are possible following the general polls, according to some sources.

“However, we can assure that most characters who go about the country claiming that they will enter the council through our List are not on the List already got up,” a knowledgeable source said.

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