LNP – With increase in COVID cases, it is not practical to relax travel restrictions: PHI

With the increase of the number of daily COVID positive cases in the country, it is not practical to lift the islanwide travel restrictions on June 14, Public Health Inspectors’ (PHI) Union President Upul Rohana said.

He told the Daily Mirror that though the travel restrictions were imposed, the daily routine of many people was the same as before.

“By imposing travel restrictions, we expected to save 90 per cent of peoples travels, but unfortunately, we could not meet the expected rate,” he said.

Every state and private institution in towns and in Colombo operate as essential services, Mr Rohana said.

“They call their employees every day. Only the persons who engage in day-to-day businesses stay at home, but people employed at state and private institutions operate under the normal daily routines. The only difference is that no public transportation system is operating. Instead, people are travelling in their private vehicles,” Mr Rohana added.

Commenting on the increase in the daily count of COVID cases, Mr Rohana said the country is currently identifying the first contacts of the COVID patients from the third wave.

“Due to the lack of PCR facilities, we couldn’t conduct tests on the second and third contacts yet. They are the people who are now travelling even while the restrictions have been imposed,” he said.

Therefore, the number of daily COVID cases would increase even during the travel restrictions, Mr Rohana added.

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  • June 7, 2021 at 5:04 am

    We are caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea.


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