Some ex-SLFP ministers to urge MS to let them join UNF

A group of former SLFP ministers are expected to meet party leader and President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday to discuss their future in politics, one of them said today.

He told Daily Mirror that about 16 SLFP members who were either former ministers or deputy ministers had no intention of obtaining SLPP membership and wished to remain in the SLFP and contest the upcoming general election on the UPFA ticket.

“They are unhappy over the post-October 26 developments that resulted in their losing their ministerial positions. Many of them had launched various development projects with the aim of providing employment and other benefits to families in their respective constituencies. But now as ordinary MPs they are reluctant to meet their voters,” the former minister said.

He said they would urge the President to give his consent to join the UNF government and obtain Cabinet portfolios if President was not agreeable to forming a unity government with the UNF and pointed out that many of those in the group were relatively young and have a future in politics for another decade or two.

“Most of the current leaders will not be in the next Parliament. Therefore, the party leadership must not jeopardize the future of these politicians and let them to join a party of their choice,” the ex-minister said.

He said most of the members were willing to join the UNF government and contest the general election while some others wanted to support the UNF government and party ways the general election under the UPFA symbol.

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