SLPP nomination rejections highest ever – CaFFE

Election monitoring body the Campaign for a Free and Fair Election says the rejection of 11 nomination lists submitted by the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna marks the first time in local election history, in which the highest number of nomination lists were rejected from a single party.

Speaking to NewsRadio the Assistant Director of the CAFFE organization, Keerthi Thennakoon said the number was unprecedented.

Thennakoon said 11 nomination lists submitted by the Podujana Peramuna have been rejected adding the Jaffna Municipal Council, Valikamam North and South, Delft and Thirappane Pradeshiya sabha nomination lists were rejected yesterday and six of their nomination lists were rejected previously.

Keerthi Thennakoon stated the situation arose as a result of parties not complying to regulations when formulating nomination lists.

He noted the main reason for nomination lists being rejected is negligence.

Thennakoon said when arranging nominations there should be discipline and noted the lack of discipline and carelessness when submitting nomination lists is the reason the nomination lists were rejected.

He stated when looking at nomination lists which were rejected it has been revealed that groups attempt to change the list after it has been signed by the Party Secretaries and added a person without power submitting nomination lists is another reason the nomination lists were rejected.

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