Protect unity during LG Elections- Sagala

Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake has urged all political party activists and supporters to protect their unity at grassroots level during the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Speaking to Media in Matara Minister Ratnayake noted that the United National Party will spearhead an exemplary election campaign during the period leading up to the Local Government election.

Minister Ratnayake said the upcoming Local Government Election must become an election that will go down in the history, as one marked for progressive change.

The Minister noted the United National Party makes every effort to lead by example and added the party had called for the Polythene ban to be upheld and for candidates to refrain from engaging in nefarious activities.

Minister Ratnayake stated this is an election that mostly impacts people in rural areas adding the public in rural areas cannot be divided into either two or three groups.

The Minister said preference can be expressed but without divisions.

Minister Sagala Ratnayake noted reconciliation is vital and as such unity among rural communities is also vital in this regard and therefore unity must be maintained.

The Minister further noted the UNP candidates had been advised that this election must be one where reconciliation and unity are at the forefront and requested all other parties to consider and abide by these objectives.

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