MNP – Cardinal calls for a fresh probe on Easter attack

Calling for a fresh probe on the Easter Sunday attacks, Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith today said the incumbent President will be accepted only if he works towards uncovering the hidden truth on the Easter Sunday attacks.

Speaking during a service held at St Anthony’s Shrine, Kochikade, during which Euros 100,000 was donated by Pope Francis to the Easter Sunday victims, Cardinal Ranjith said the present government also must work towards finding the hidden truth with regards to the Easter Sunday attacks.

“We will accept the present President only if he works towards uncovering the truth on the Easter Sunday attacks. The executive summary of the Select Committee has said there could be a conspiracy behind the attack. The incumbent President should work towards uncovering the truth about it,” the Cardinal said.

“Also it is essential to penalize those who prevented the police officer who was going to arrest Zahran who led the attack prior to April 21, 2019. This police officer was arrested for an alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate powerful people. Those who prevented this police officer from arresting Zahran should be penalized as he had also committed a crime similar to Zaharan. We are not seeking revenge for anyone but only want to know the truth” he added.

Apostolic Nuncio (Vatican Ambassador in Colombo) Archbishop Brian Udaigwe said the Easter Sunday Attack had taught Sri Lankans a lesson. “The attacks on April 21, 2019 had taught Sri Lankas a lesson. It had taught the importance of inter religious peace and cooperation in Sri Lanka,” he said

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