LNP – Omicron spread so far contained within SL, says Health Ministry

In such a situation where Omicron continues to ravage many countries, the Health Ministry said the spread of Omicron in Sri Lanka has been contained, despite 48 Omicron cases detected so far.

COVID-19 Coordinator, Director of Technical Services of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anwar Hamdani told the Daily Mirror that Omicron cases had been detected from several parts of the country such as Colombo, Badulla, Anuradhapura and Puttalam districts and added the patients detected so far are overseas returnees.

“However, the contacts of the Omicron patients have been traced and steps have already been taken to quarantine them,” he stated.

“It’s noteworthy that Omicron spread has been curtailed to a certain extent due to vaccination,” Dr. Hamdani added.

Thus, he reiterated the significance of getting the booster dose without any delay.

However, Dr. Hamdani said only 25% of the total population had received the booster dose and added the percentage need to increase further.

Meanwhile, he said more cases of Omicron could be expected in coming weeks as well.

One thought on “LNP – Omicron spread so far contained within SL, says Health Ministry

  • January 3, 2022 at 5:05 am

    In other words, they do not know. The COVID-19 pandemic really exposed the professionalism of Sri Lanka Health Department. At one time it was one of the best in the world.


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