LNP – People hesitant to get COVID booster shots: Health DG

he Health Ministry has observed public hesitancy in getting the booster dose of COVID-19, Director General of Health Services Dr Asela Gunawardena said today.

He told a news briefing that it would be really alarming and dreadful if people continued to do so.

“There was no reason for any eligible person to refuse the booster shot as it strengthens their immunity. This helps people keep coronavirus at bay and prevent one from succumbing to the virus. The immunity you got from the past doses needs a boost to protect you further,” he stressed.

“Besides, in a juncture where Omicron is posing a huge threat not only worldwide but also in Sri Lanka, it is imperative to get the booster dose,” Dr Gunawardena added.

Otherwise, he said things could be detrimental creating uncertainties in the country.

One thought on “LNP – People hesitant to get COVID booster shots: Health DG

  • December 17, 2021 at 2:47 am

    It must be because of the bad, contradicting, even false information people are getting from the so called experts. People don’t trust the health service anymore. Last week I even read a comment in this newspaper of an elderly person, asking if it is safe for him or her to get a booster vaccine after an heart surgery. Where on earth is the cardiologist? Why do they have to ask valid information in a newspaper?


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