LNP – Come out of hiding places and tell the truth: Johnston to Gas Company heads

Chief Government Whip and Highways Minister Johnston Fernando today urged the chairmen and top officials of the gas companies to come out of their hiding places and tell the people the truth about the prevailing crisis.

Speaking to the media during a ceremony at Werahera to lay the foundation stone for the construction of Werahera bridge in Colombo-Horana Road, the minister said that the top officials and chairmen of gas companies have a responsibility to come up with solutions for issues related to the gas crisis.

“I saw on media how a particular chairman could not even be contacted. There is no point in hiding. They need to come up with answers. They are duty bound to do it. They have been given positions not to go into hiding when there are problems such as gas shortages or mishaps created by their products. I saw one such chairman of a gas company who was very upstart and rhetoric about corruption, but he too cannot be found. They are paid not to play the hero by giving voice cuts to the media but to provide services to the people. Their irresponsible acts puts people and government in difficulty,” the Minister said.

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