LNP – SL races against time to vaccinate population as Delta warns to cause havoc

Sri Lanka is presently one of the highest countries in the world, administering COVID-19 vaccinations per day, with over 300,000 vaccines administered daily as medical experts warn that the Delta variant will cause havoc in weeks ahead if the population remains unvaccinated. To date, Sri Lanka is administering vaccines in several districts including the Colombo District while health officials say the Delta variant which is much more contagious than the Alpha variant has spread among the population. Recently it was announced in the media that 19 cases of Delta were found among the public, but this was only from samples taken from around 25 infected people. Therefore, health experts believe the Delta may have spread beyond what is reported and have urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The death toll from the Delta variant is much higher than the Alpha variant, and more people around the world are succumbing to this mutated version of the COVID-19. However, countries that have vaccinated at least 70 percent of their populations are now considering opening up as vaccinations seems to be the only solution of fighting the more contagious forms of the coronavirus.

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