LNP – He didn’t want his comments to go on record!

There is a State-run body dealing with all matters related to tourists visiting our country. This important subject is being handled by a top team member elected from Siyane Korale.

  The other day the top team member held a discussion with the top management of this state institution. The head of this institution is a lady.  

At the outset, the lady heading the institution placed her mobile phone on the table. Presently the top team member started addressing the top management.  

A short-while later the top team member noticed that his address was getting recorded on the mobile phone.  

He went into a rage and gave the lady a tongue-lashing for recording his speech.  

“I don’t care from where you have come…” he shouted at her.   

“I am the Minister. To whom do you propose to give the recording of my speech here?”  

The discussion concluded on this discordant note, they say.   

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