His statement sent them into a panic!

The governing one of a province, where the big council is about to be dissolved, paid an official visit to a country in Europe recently.
Addressing the diaspora in fluent Tamil at several meetings in that country, the governing one had made an earnest request to them to return home with start-up capital to invest in development projects in his province.
He also had told them: “I am going to be the sole authority in the province for about one year and those coming back prepared to make investments will get my full co-operation.”
On hearing about the governing one’s statement that he would oversee the province’s administration for another one year, the members of that provincial body had gone into a panic for that amounted to a prediction that holding of polls to the provincial body would be delayed by one year.
These members are reportedly running about these days looking for ways and means of averting the impending ‘calamity’.

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