Gagged for talking out of turn!

‘The Buddha Statue’ statement made by the new governing one for the North soon after assuming duties had stirred a hornets’ nest among the Pohottuwa ranks.

The new governing one had said in public:
“I, as a Buddhist take exception to the practice of installing Buddha statues indiscriminately here and there in the North-East.”
Some Pohottuwa Diyawanna members and several Buddhist organizations reacting angrily to this statement had met the former strongman and expressed their deep displeasure over what they described as an irresponsible statement of the new governing one.
“The man should be slammed for talking big no sooner he assumed duties in the new job!” they told the former strongman.
The former strongman told them that they should not be in a hurry to attack the governing one. “However, I will take up the issue with Number One so that he could reprimand the man!” he had assuaged them.
Later, the former strongman had brought the matter to the notice of Number One who had promised him to do the needful. Number One had thereafter pulled up the new governing one and had warned him not to shoot off his mouth in future.

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