President instructs officials to prepare development plans for the New Year with eradicating poverty as main objective.

President Maithripala Sirisena instructed officials to prepare development plans in New Year with a view to eliminating the poverty of the people as the main objective.

The President also stressed the importance of suppressing all evil forces that are detrimental to society, such as drugs, and further strengthening the special programs launched in that regard.

President Sirisena made this observation addressing the progress review meeting of the ‘Pibidena (Awakening) Polonnaruwa’ district development program at Polonnaruwa district secretariat today (01st).

In this meeting, the progresses in 2018 in the Polonnaruwa district development program, and the plans for 2019 were reviewed. Rs 9,615 million has been spent in 2018 for the development of the Polonnaruwa district and its financial progress is hundred present. The discussion focused on the progress of the programs implemented for the eradication of poverty and the elimination of narcotic drugs.

The President also inquired into the human resource shortcomings of the state institutions in Polonnaruwa. Discussions were also held regarding construction of new bas stand in Polonnaruwa city, garbage management program and Polonnaruwa city development activities.

There is a new awakening in agriculture with the current weather conditions. The President also instructed to implement special programs under the “Awakening Polonnaruwa” program for the agricultural development in Polonnaruwa district.

The discussions were also held with regard to the progress of the tree planting program. In addition, the President instructed to implement a program to distribute saplings among school children jointly with the Provincial Education Office and the District Secretariat for planting in their residences or schools.

The President also distributed stalls for 08 road venders who traded near the Pothgul Vehera in Polonnaruwa.

Secretary of Polonnaruwa District and public servants were present on this occasion.

Meanwhile, a discussion on new development proposals for the New Year 2019 in the Polonnaruwa District was held at the Polonnaruwa Chandra Mandapaya today (01st) under the patronage of the President. All Members of Parliament have been invited to attend without any political differentiation.

The President also instructed all Local Government representatives to hand over their development proposals for Polonnaruwa before the 10th of January 2019.

The President said that discussions on the projects that should be given priority should be implemented and steps will be taken to implement them. The President also requested all of them to support the development projects that are essential for the people without any differentiation of party politics.






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