Milinda calls for all-party caretaker govt. for polls

Former Minister and Member of Parliament Milinda Moragoda yesterday in a statement called for an all-party caretaker government to hold elections as a means of a way out of the current political crisis.

Following is the full text of Moragoda’s statement.

Our society has perhaps never been as acutely polarised along class, ethnic, religious, party and regional fault lines as it has now become with recent events. Political developments over the last couple of weeks have further hardened positions and heightened acrimony. One way out of this seemingly impossible quagmire is to hold early parliamentary election under the supervision of a small, all-party caretaker government led by a neutral Prime Minister selected from among existing parliamentary members, who inspires the confidence of all parties.

If such an individual for the post of caretaker Prime Minister cannot be identified from within the Parliament, an eminent personage of national stature acceptable to all political parties, such as a retired Supreme Court Judge, could be another alternative. Such an individual could be brought onto the National List for this limited purpose.

Following on such an election it is critical that our society undergoes a period of introspection and healing. We must all come together across existing divides and must accept that as a diverse society, there are many different viewpoints and experiences and that not one of us can claim to hold the monopoly on truth or righteousness. Until we all come to accept this reality, we will never be able to move forward as a society.

At a time when our political establishment is in deep crisis, this nation’s religious, civil society and business leaders have an urgent responsibility to set aside their differences and prejudices, move beyond mere rhetoric and act constructively to find a way out of this seemingly intractable predicament. This is Sri Lanka’s problem and we need to work out our own solution.

Unfortunately, throughout our history, we have been unable to resolve our own issues and as a result have had to suffer dearly with the consequences of outsiders interfering in our affairs. If we cannot resolve this problem within a democratic framework, this time too we will have only ourselves to blame and future generations will curse us for our short-sightedness and irresponsibility.

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