PM: UNPers to get ready for two back-to-back polls

Prime Minister and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called on his party members to get ready for two back-to -back elections and to get rid of victor mentality as it would deprive them of their possible win in forthcoming elections.

Addressing a meeting of UNP grassroots activists at Kahatagasdigiliya on Saturday, the Prime Minister said: “We have to face two elections soon. First, there will be elections for local government bodies in January and then there will be provincial council polls. Let’s get ready for them. Please do not think that we have already won. Such mentality will lead us to defeat. We should work hard for the victory and have to work so till the very last day of the campaign.

“We will contest the forthcoming elections as the United National Front. Some minor parties, too, will contest with us. We should understand that the victory in forthcoming elections is crucial. The elections would be held under a new system. This would set the example for other elections in the future and, therefore we must win these two elections.

“We have been in government for two years. We did some work but there is some more we could not do. We should understand the reality that we cannot do everything at once. Some tasks needed consensus of all stakeholders and some would take the time they would take. On the other hand, we do not have enough power. We have only half of it. We should work to win the remaining half, too. I know that all of you worked tirelessly for 10 to 15 years for the benefit of the party.

“I intend to publish a book on what we did during the two years and distribute copies of it among the party activists. When you get that book please read it. Then you would be able to answer the questions raised by our critics. Our target is to secure UNP victory in 2020. We are laying a strong foundation for our victory. We did some work and expect results within the next three years.”

General Secretary of the UNP Minister Kabir Hashim, Minister Chandrani Bandara, UNP Deputy Leader MP Ravi Karunanayake, Minister P Harrison, MP Chandima Waidyasoma, Opposition Leader of the North Central Provincial Council Anil Ratnayake, Provincial Councillor Prasanna Waidyaratne, former Opposition leader of Kekirawa PS Nihal Kodithuwakku, Mihintale electorate organiser Sanjeewa Siriwardena, Medawachchiya organiser TM Amaratunga and Horowpathana organiser M. Saheer also addressed the meeting.

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