No one should interfere with AG’s Department, Commissions – President

President Maithripala Sirisena said there should not be interference with the processes of the Attorney General’s Department. He said he is satisfied with the workings of the Attorney General’s Department and never likes to see anyone get involved in the process of it.

The President made these remarks while addressing media yesterday at his residence in Colombo.

The President said no one should intervene with the processes not only of the Attorney General’s Department, but also of the special commissions appointed to inquire into certain issues.

The President said legal action will be taken by the Attorney General against the Central Bank bond issue once the report of the Presidential Commission appointed into investigate into the treasury bond issue is finalised.

“Unlike various other commissions, the special commission appointed to inquire into the bond issue is progressing well” he said.

The President said that unlike on previous occasions, people of the country have placed their confidence on the commission with the appointment of the Presidential Commission to inquire into the treasury bond issue. Further action will be taken by the Attorney General when the Presidential Commission’s report on bond issue is furnished.

The President said that all members of cabinet should protect collective responsibility. It is unethical to tarnish the image of the cabinet by destroying collective responsibility of the cabinet. The President said he had advised several ministers on several occasions in this regard when collective responsibility cabinet was violated.

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