FCID tasked with the investigation of 370 million rupee fraud within PTD

Minister of Justice Mr. Wijedasa Rajapaksa stated that the unflinching political power and loyalty, coupled several underhanded practices and the appointment of unfit personnel, caused the collapse of several government entities including the Public Trustee Department.

He also stated that during the coming few weeks, steps have been taken to initiate a complete revamp of the Public Trustee Department. (PTD)

Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa made these remarks following a special investigation conducted on the operations of the (PTD).

It was also mentioned that the PTD was under the purview of the Ministry of Buddhist affairs which was severely mismanaged. “The only activity conducted by this department, was the ceremonial proceedings done after the passing on of Mahanayaka theros. Such were the practices of this corrupt department” stated Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse. He also stated that under his request, the PTD was assigned to be overlooked by the Ministry of Justice.

Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse went on to state that the former Public Trustee had notified him of a fraud of 370 million rupees which he handed over to the FCID to conduct a thorough investigation. He also stressed the fact that the PTD is a department not governed by laws, but strengthened and maintained by the trust of the people.

He also stated that the general populace will be cheated on if corruption persists in the PTD.

It was also mentioned that the expected results from the PTD through the depositories was not reached over the past few months. Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse also stated that to combat this situation of unrest he has taken steps to revamp the PTD with immediate effect to restore the faith of the PTD with the general public.

He went on to state that for the first time in history, the post of Public Trustee was advertised and thoroughly filtered to select the most suitable candidate for this important post.

He made a recommendation to the head of the PTD to formulate a report of any trustee whose expectations aren’t met within the coming fortnight.

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