Dengue cases keep climbing

The number of dengue deaths since January this year had increased to 292 and that of the patients had climbed to 103,114 as at yesterday, Consultant Physician of the National Dengue Control Unit Dr. Prashila Samaraweera told The Island.She said that 30 percent of dengue patients were schoolchildren.

The highest number of cases (22,186) was reported from the Colombo District while the second highest (17,228) from the Gampaha District. Of the rest of the districts the number of dengue cases was as follows: Kalutara (5,616), Kandy (6,017), Batticlaoa (4,155), Trincomalee (4,428), Kurunegala (6,014), Ratnapura (6,081) and Kegalle (4,949).

The highest number of dengue cases (24,423) has been reported in June while there were 10,927 cases in January, 8,722 in February, 13,539 in March, 12,498 in April, 15, 881 in May and 17,124 so far in this month.

Dr. Samaraweera said environmental management was a prerequisite for controlling dengue. The management included environmental modification, environmental manipulation, and strategies that reduced contacts between vectors and humans.

In the case of mosquitoes, the larvae were easier to control than adults because they were confined to water, she said. Therefore, the “source reduction” should be a primary consideration in mosquito control.

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