LNP – Major trains cancelled for the first time in history due to lack of crew

Major train services in remote areas are now in the process of being cancelled for the first time in history, Locomotive Engineering Operators’ Union Chairman K. A. U. Konthasinghe said.

He told the media that major trains in Maho, Gal Oya, Trincomalee, and Batticolia in the eastern zone, especially in remote areas, have been affected due to a lack of staff.

“Every essential grade in the Railways Department had been affected by the lack of staff. More than 90 locomotive drivers in rank three of the railway services have not been elevated to rank two position yet. Due to that, they are unable to operate locomotives,” Konthasinghe said.

Meanwhile, there is a delay in receiving the confirmation for the persons who are attached to the railway under the contract basis until the proper admissions take place, he said.

“For the reasons stated above, the number of train cancellations have increased. Therefore, we have to cancel the train that runs between Colombo Fort and Batticoloa for the first time in the history of the railway,” he said.

If this practice continues, the trains will either be delayed or cancelled. If the government does not take any action, the union will take trade union action to protect the railway department, Konthasinghe added

One thought on “LNP – Major trains cancelled for the first time in history due to lack of crew

  • March 7, 2023 at 2:47 am

    This is all due to lack of policy. The 60 retirement age did damage to the railways in no uncertain terms.


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