LNP – SL needs a new beginning: Cardinal

Sri Lanka needs a new beginning and a national conversion, Archbishop of Colombo His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said today.

“We need a national conversion or a new begining. It is 74 years since we have received independence and one has to answer the question whether the path chosen by the Sri Lankans towards propspeirty is a real one,” the Cardinal said at a joint Anglican-Catholic service held at Christ the Living Saviour Cathedral in Colombo.

“Today’s almost hopeless situation is a result of series of flawed choices made not only by the politicians all these years, but by the citizens as well who have allowed themselves to be used by vested political and cultural interests of whom we have entrusted our destiny all these years. Over 74 years, our country had slided down to retrograde a journey moving from good to bad when our less fortunate and developed nations in Asia have moved forward,” he added.

“The country is in serious moral, economic and social and political crisis today which attributed to political choices of post independent era of subsaviant to a narrow minded vision concerning a new nation. Today as a result of these wrongs and shortsightedness, our economy is in tatters, communities are devided on linguistic and religious differences and are suspicious of each other. Let us pray that we convert ourselves and usher a new begining” Archbishop Cardinal Ranjith said

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