LNP – We were not informed about Omicron positive patient- PHIs: Health Ministry responds

The Public Health Inspectors Union (PHIU) claimed that the Health Ministry had not officially informed them about the woman who was infected with the Omicron COVID variant enabling them to direct her contacts for quarantine or PCR tests.

PHIU Head Upul Rohana said they were also unaware that the woman was sent for home quarantine.

“Thus, we have neither sent her nor her family members to quarantine,” he said.

“According to current regulations, a PCR should be carried out on the seventh day of the home-quarantine. However, we have not carried out PCR tests on her or any of her family member,” he added.

Responding to claims, COVID-19 Coordinator, Director of Technical Services of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anwar Hamdani told Daily Mirror that when the relevant woman arrived in the country on November 24, even the world had not detected any of Omicron variant patients.

“However, I doubted whether it could be a suspected case and that’s why she was sent to a treatment centre in Lunawa,” he highlighted.

“As we were following regular protocols, the woman in question was home quarantined after completion of nine days at the treatment centre,” Dr Hamdani stated.

However, to the effect of what PHI Head claimed, Dr Hamdani said people should not be alarmed as necessary measures had been taken to ensure the safety of others.

Dr Hamdani proceeded to say that PHIs should still have been informed of this regard by relevant MOH officers and added they as Health Ministry had done their duty.

One thought on “LNP – We were not informed about Omicron positive patient- PHIs: Health Ministry responds

  • December 6, 2021 at 3:11 am

    I really dont know about the system in the country. Everyone waits till something happens then say ohhh we didnt know we didnt have system what fools .take immediate action than comparing these for every one.


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