LNP – Significant rise in number of COVID positive cases in schools daily: CTU

Following the resumption of school activities in all grades at various stages, a significant number of students, teachers, and non-academic staff reported contracting the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis, Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) Chief Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe said.

In a letter addressed to the Education Minister, the CTU said the number of COVID positive cases reportedly is increasing daily.

In a situation where the instruction given by the health authorities are not followed since the resumption of schools, the daily COVID positive cases have moved to critical proportions.

Therefore, the CTU requests the Education Ministry to pay immediate attention to this alarming situation.

They also claimed that schools were reopened with the aim of suppressing principals’ and teachers’ trade union action, but not to allocate funds according to the guidelines. Therefore, no formal arrangements were made to purchase sanitary material or disinfectants.

The teachers and principals who contracted the virus from the school environment have to undergo PCR and Antigen tests at their own expenses, they said.

Therefore, the CTU urges the government to release the total PCR and Antigen test charges and to issue an immediate circular explaining availing of leave while on duty.

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