LNP – Prioritise vaccinating 60 plus and elders suffering from non-communicable diseases: GMOA

According to the priority list given by the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) today, said the senior citizens and the elders who suffer from non-communicable diseases, including front-line COVID control workers and health staffers, should be given the third dose of the COVID vaccine.

Accordingly, adults over 60 years of age, people under 60 who are suffering from non-communicable diseases, and people working in essential services and centres and institutions of economic importance should be given the third dose of the COVID vaccine.

The priority list was pointed out by the GMOA last May for vaccination.

Accordingly, the GMOA thanked the government for initiating the process of rolling out the third dose to health staff and frontline anti-coagulant workers today.

We are of the opinion that the epidemic can be successfully controlled by strict adherence to a sequence of scientific priorities that can prevent the politicization of the COVID vaccination process. With this priority list, public confidence will be gained in the vaccination plan as well as the vaccination programme will be successful.

At a time when there is a renewed focus on new COVID varieties around the world, it is important to increase laboratory facilities to carry out genetic testing to identify new cultivars.

Last August, the GMOA released a four-step summary report on controlling the fourth wave of COVID.

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