LNP – People advised to act wise as Covid still prevails: Army Chief

Despite the fact that some restrictions have been removed, the people should act wisely as the Covid pandemic is still raging in the country, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said.

General Silva expressed these views while participating at an event held at the Army Hospital in Narahenpita to administer the booster vaccine for the frontline military personnel fighting in the COVID-19 today.

The Commander said that the number of Covid infected cases could increase in the future if the people do not act wisely.

“The public must act in a responsible manner in the face of 500 to 600 cases of Covid infection identified daily. Otherwise the number of Covid cases could increase in the future,” the Army Chief said.

He said the people have made many sacrifices to control and reduce the Covid-19 cases.

“The decision to remove various restrictions including inter-provincial restrictions was taken considering the lives of the people. However, removal of those restrictions is by no means a guarantee that Covid has left the country. It’s important to adhere to health guidelines and come out of the house wearing a mask all the time,” General Silva said.

One thought on “LNP – People advised to act wise as Covid still prevails: Army Chief

  • November 2, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Mask Wearing is the key….ahead of all other. Only preventive measure. Vaccines have not helped !!


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