LNP – Yohani returns from India

Sri Lankan singer, songwriter, rapper, music producer and financial specialist, who became popular in many countries around the world, returned to the country after taking part in several concerts in India.

She arrived at the Katunayake International Airport from Mumbai at 11.25 last night (12).

“The Indian people knew about Sri Lanka but do not know that there is a language called Sinhala. When I sang a song in a language that those people had never heard of, it became extremely popular all over India as well as across the world. I attended several concerts in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. There was a very good response from the people. I’m very happy about that,” she said.

Addressing the media at the airport, she said her next hope is to present an album of twelve Sinhala songs. Singer Yohani de Silva added that most of the work has been done on the album by now.

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  • October 13, 2021 at 3:17 am

    Well done YOHINI super marketing effort


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