LNP – Current restrictions likely to be extended until Oct. 31

The restrictions which are scheduled to be lifted from October 16 are likely to remain in effect until October 31, sources said.

The Health Ministry on September 30 issued a new set of guidelines under two phases to be followed in the month of October once the curfew was lifted from October 1.

Accordingly, a set of guidelines under the first phase were in effect from October 1 to 15 while another set of guidelines under the second phase will come into effect from October 16 to 31.

The restrictions, which are to come into effect from October 16 have been relaxed compared to restrictions imposed earlier like weddings, funerals and capacities in public places such as restaurants, shops, gyms etc.

However, according to the sources, the health authorities are to ponder the situation and discuss the matter in depth considering the reckless behaviour of people in the aftermath of relaxation of curfew.

Health officials opined that since people have started to behave ignoring health rules as if there was no risk of COVID-19, it is like inviting another wave.

Deputy Director-General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said steps would be taken either to extend or lift the prevailing restrictions depending on people’s behaviour.

However, the inter-provincial travel restrictions are to continue until October 21 or probably until the end of this month with exemptions for essential activities

One thought on “LNP – Current restrictions likely to be extended until Oct. 31

  • October 13, 2021 at 3:20 am

    So, some people behave badly so all people suffer. We know of some people who always behave badly. Our politicians.


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