LNP – Youth population a major contributor to virus transmission: Expert

While highlighting the diminished enthusiasm shown by the youth in getting their vaccine, Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Samitha Ginige said the youth population exceptionally contribute to virus transmission as they being frequently moving within society.

Addressing the media, he said it is a social responsibility of the youth population from 20 to 30 years to receive the COVID vaccine.

“Though 50% of the total youngsters from 20 to 30 years of age have received their vaccines out of 3.3 million youth population, we are yet to see much interest shown by them,” he underscored.

“When considering the total number of infections, 90% is from the age group from 20 to 60. In addition, 96 deaths have also been reported among the 20 to 30 age group,” he pointed out.

Dr. Ginige said although they had been successfully able to vaccinate the population above 30 years of age, the hesitancy shown by the youth need to be addressed.

He also asked the youth not to be deceived or carried away by fake reports which say that vaccination leads to sexual dysfunction and male infertility as there was no truth behind them.

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