LNP – High-risk post COVID complication conditions will occur even after recovering from COVID: Respiratory physician

Even after recovering from COVID viral infection, several high-risk post COVID complication conditions such as COVID pneumonia could occur, Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Asha Samaranayake said.

Addressing the media today, she said high-risk post COVID complication conditions such as COVID pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, secondary bacterial infections of the lungs, coagulation of small blood vessels in the coronary arteries of the heart, affect the nervous system and cause infections of the brain tissues.

Therefore, patients should administer prescribed doses of medicines and should check quality monitoring at least four times a day. It is very important to have two liters of fluid a day and eat nutritious food.

Dr. Samaranayake said immediate medical advice should be sought in case of any complications during the post-COVID period, such as breathing difficulties, insomnia, extreme fatigue, increased palpitation and skin blemishes.

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