LNP – Around 1,000 students to be administered with Pfizer

The government has decided to administer Pfizer vaccines to nearly 1,000 students going overseas for higher education, Army Commander Shavendra Silva said.

“There were requests from a large number of students going overseas for higher education that they be vaccinated with Pfizer as some countries are not allowing entry without administrating Pfizer vaccines,” the commander said.

“Because of that, we have decided to administrate Pfizer vaccines to some 987 students,” he said. He also said that some 2,100 other students would also be vaccinated with Sinopharm before they leave for studies overseas.

Meanwhile, General Silva said that the authorities have taken a decision to administer Pfizer vaccines that were received a few days ago for those who are in outside the Western Province.

“The administering of Pfizer vaccines by the Army as the second dose to those who had been vaccinated with Astrazeneca stopped from yesterday as Sri Lanka will receive 1.4 million doses of Astrazeneca by the 3rd week of July,” he said

One thought on “LNP – Around 1,000 students to be administered with Pfizer

  • July 9, 2021 at 9:51 am

    So if you have lots of money then government makes sure your kids are safe and let them escape to Australia


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