LNP – Ban MPs from going live on Facebook: Namal requests Speaker

While denouncing the unparliamentary language used by some members of parliament in the House, Minister Namal Rajapaksa today requested the Speaker to prevent MPs from telecasting incidents in the House live on social media platforms.

He told parliament that members of parliament whether they are senior or junior should maintain self-discipline.

“What matters is the conduct and language used in the House. Seniority of the MP does not matter if he or she uses unparliamentary language,” he said referring to the uproar in Parliament on Wednesday.

The Minister said it was a serious issue for both Government and opposition MPs to telecast proceedings of the House live on Facebook and added that there was no use banning the media from telecasting proceedings of the House live if proceedings are telecast live on Facebook.

He said while adhering to laws and Standing Orders in the House, loopholes in the technology where MPs can creep through should also be prevented.

The Minister said MPs’ fighting in the chamber or at the entrance to the Parliament cannot be approved at any cost

One thought on “LNP – Ban MPs from going live on Facebook: Namal requests Speaker

  • April 23, 2021 at 4:44 am

    One way to curtail Social media use within the house is to not allow mobile phones into it. However, this will never happen in this lifetime. What an example they are showing for the future generations by acting in an undignified matter within the house. A new low in the political landscape in the country.


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