LNP – Business LOVI Ceylon Nationals to reimagine corporate wear

“In today’s global economy, self-confidence is a must. And uniqueness a strategic advantage for any leader. With that in mind, I invite our forward-thinking leaders to wear LOVI’s refresh of the iconic Sri Lankan National”, said Asanka de Mel, CEO of LOVI Ceylon. “In fact, our national dress is a testament to Sri Lanka’s diversity and inclusion. With the sarong’s Indonesian origins and the kurta’s Indian origins, our national dress bears centuries of influences that have shaped Sri Lanka, harmonizing to give rise to a unique fashion identity.”

In 2016, de Mel returned to Colombo leaving behind a successful technology career in Silicon Valley, and fired with the mission of transforming the sarong into an innovatively designed style statement for the modern Sri Lankan. He has now taken yet another step further in his mission to reposition our national dress.

For each of the corporate leaders of the 289 Colombo Stock Exchange listed companies, the top 1,000 privately held companies, and the aspiring entrepreneurs LOVI urges you to include the national as board room and event wear.

LOVI’s take on the Sri Lankan national dress is based on de Mel’s desire to establish a visual identity for all Sri Lankans regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, age or social standing. “If the whole of Sri Lanka is a team, what would our uniform look like?” asks de Mel. The new collection aptly titled ‘Reimagine’ does just that.

De Mel said that the new LOVI national for corporate wear focuses on creating an easy uniform which is both businesslike yet confidently anchored in our roots. A unique style statement, that can hold its own in any corporate board room and is naturally suited to our climate.

This collection also showcases a feminine version of the national dress for women, something hitherto unheard of. ” The traditional national does not take into account half of our people” said de Mel. “The Saree and Osariya involuntarily filled this void; however LOVI Nationals interpretation of the traditional National makes any woman feel feminine, powerful and chic. Even the Lama Saree (female child’s saree) gets a refresh, to create a timeless, elegant boardroom fashion statement.

All LOVI Ceylon garments are designed and made locally using Sri Lankan resources and craftsmanship to the fullest extent possible. The quality of finish that LOVI CEYLON demands is the same as that of any luxury design house. A similar quality garment would cost twice or thrice as much if made internationally. LOVI sources its fabrics and craftsmanship all from within our borders, keeping local communities, craftsmen and businesses thriving and earning through these difficult and uncertain times.

The new National by LOVI Ceylon aims to become standard office wear imbued of course with a style all of its own, simultaneously instilling in the wearer a sense of Confidence, National pride and a unique identity. LOVI Nationals could be custom made or purchased from any of their shops at the One Galle Face Mall, Kandy City Centre or at Lakpahana, or else online at lovisarongs.com

As de Mel is always at hand to ensure a personalized customer experience, his dream of the LOVI National soon becoming a boardroom fixture is bound to become a reality. “I hope that very soon every Corporate boardroom will have a fair representation of its forward-thinking directors clad in a LOVI National”.

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