LNP – Foreigner found COVID positive in Matara

A 57-year-old person attached to an airline crew who was staying in a hotel in Polhena, Matara tested positive for COVID-19 and admitted to the Hambantota Hospital, Health officials said. Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said that this person has had contacts with society at a time but the entire situation is under control now and there is no reason to panic.

He was with a group of 15 Russians who arrived at the Mattala Airport on September 13 and were staying in the hotel after confirming negative for COVID-19 after the first PCR test. Only one had contracted the virus so far.

According to Health officials from Matara state health institutions, around 30 had already been identified as first contacts and 150 had been identified as other contacts of the COVID-19 patient. They are now being quarantined.

The 23 employees in the hotel and the members of their families are now being self-quarantined. The driver and the vehicle used to transport this group have already been traced and will be quarantined. PCR Tests will be done for all.

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