LNP – Not necessary to impose curfew: Health DG

It is not necessary to impose a lock-down in the country in a situation where the COVID-19 is not widespread, Director General of Health Services, Dr Anil Jasinghe today.

“The virus is only confined to some areas,” he said and added that a lock-down has been imposed in certain areas in Rajanganaya where an instructor employed at the East KandakaduTreatment and Rehabilitation Centretested positive for COVID-19.

Travel has been restricted to Rajanganaya Yaya 01, 03 and 05 while essential food items and other necessities are being provided to the residents.   

Dr. Jasinghe said 534 cases had been detected in the Kandakadu cluster so far while 25 cases were reported from society resulting from the Kandakadu cluster.

“We continue to carry out PCR tests in Rajanganaya and other vulnerable areas including some selected areas,” he said adding that some 3,000 PCR tests had been carried out in Kandakadu.

Meanwhile, he said intelligence services had beefed up their surveillance countrywide to detect COVID-19 cases but there were no signs to suggest the viral infection had spread across the country.

“All precautionary and protective measures have been taken to prevent further escalation of the pandemic,” he said.“What we expect from the public is to follow health guidelines to the letter.”

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