No evidence that coronavirus emerged from Wuhan lab

There is no evidence to substantiate the Trump administration’s claims that Covid-19 came from a Chinese laboratory, according to intelligence sources, raising questions about a leaked dossier blaming Beijing for the pandemic.   

Sources that spoke to the Guardian said that a 15-page dossier which accused China of carrying out a cover-up to hide its role in the global health crisis was not based on intelligence taken from the infamous ‘Five Eyes’ network, which includes spy agencies from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Beijing could have been more forthcoming about what was happening in Wuhan –the original epicenter of the pandemic– but pressing the issue could risk a dangerous escalation between the West and China, Five Eyes agencies believe, according to the Guardian report.   

Over the weekend, the Australian Sunday Telegraph claimed it saw a dossier, allegedly compiled by “concerned Western governments,” which claimed that the Five Eyes intelligence agencies are probing Beijing’s involvement in the Covid-19 outbreak.   

 Although it’s still not clear how Covid-19 emerged, Washington has promoted the theory that China is to be blamed for the health crisis.

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