Six months since Easter attacks; no prominence to security: Gota

SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa said it has been six months since the Easter Sunday attacks but the government has not gotten its priorities figured out to give prominence to security. Addressing an election rally in Beliatta yesterday, Mr. Rajapaksa said when SLPP Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as the president in 2005, the most pressing challenge the country faced was terrorism.

“He was able to end it within two and a half years. Not only we eradicated terrorism, but we also strengthened security forces, the police and intelligence services following a proper plan. That’s why terrorism did not raise its head again,” he said. Similar to containing terrorism, he said they had a special unit in place dedicated to look into extremism and to curb it.

“However, no prominence was given to national security by this government. The Cabinet has no knowledge of national security. The mentality of soldiers was broken, security plans and intelligence services were discontinued. That’s why extremist terrorism raised its head. Only we can ensure security. As soon as I come to power, I assure to restore security ad give protection to intelligence services,” he said. He said, as the defence secretary, he was able to fulfil all responsibilities delegated by former President Rajapaksa with 100 per cent accuracy. I was able to steer the forces and intelligence services to victory by defeating terrorism and develop Colombo as the Urban Development Ministry Secretary. I promise to create a prosperous and a secured country,” he said.

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