Important yogas in

Vedic Astrology gives an important place among predictive techniques to yogas or special combinations or configurations of planets in a horoscope.
In the previous articles we discussed the Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhara, Vasumati, Gaja-kesari, Kahala, Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas and also Shreenatha, Adhi, Akhanda Samrajaya, Chamara, Sankha, Sarada, Lakshmi, Maha Bhagya, Vasi, Vesi and Ubhayachara yogas.  We propose to familiarize our readers with some more important yogas in this article.
Mridanga Yoga: This yoga is produced when the lord of the Navamsa occupied by an exalted planet is in a quadrant in exaltation, in his own house or in a friendly House and the Ascendant lord is powerful.
The results:  Native would enjoy good health throughout his life. He would have an attractive personality and would wield influence among his people.
Koorma Yoga:  Benefics in the 5th, 6th and the 7th in the Rashi and exalted and in friendly and own navamsas at birth would lead to the arising of this yoga.
The results: Native would have enjoyments of a king. He would have a charitable disposition. He would be courageous, happy and philosophical.
Khadga Yoga: The 2nd lord in the 9th, the 9th lord in the 2nd and the Ascendant lord is in a Kendra or a trine at birth confers this yoga.
The results: Native would be religiously inclined, courageous, strong and penetratingly intelligent.
Kusuma Yoga: This yoga arises when Venus is in a fixed sign, in a quadrant, a weak moon in a trine, and the Sun in the 10th House are placed at birth.
The results: The native would be extremely liberal, warlike, and would have an unsullied reputation. He would enjoy all comforts in life.
Amsavatara Yoga: Jupiter, Venus and the Ascendant lord in exaltation placed in Kendras at birth produce this yoga.
The results: Native would rise to a position of a ruler or an equal. He would be learned and have pleasing manners.
Parvata Yoga: Only benefics in the Kendras when there are no malefics in the 7th and the 8th Houses results in this yoga.
The results: The native would be very fortunate, charitable, eloquent, easy going and famous.

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