Michelin delegation holds talks with BOI

A delegation from Michelin, the French tire manufacturing giant met with the Board of Investment (BOI) Chairman Hemasiri Fernando and Director General Champika Malalgoda recently.
Michelin Group Director for Asia Pacific Affairs Eric Le Corre was accompanied by Nandita Khurana, Zone Head- Legal Africa, India, Middle East and Director Public Affairs and Government Affairs- India and Camso Lodestar CFO/Executive Director
Keerthi Bandara.
Also participating at the discussions were French Ambassador Eric Lavertu and Economic Counsellor Herve Sarnelli.
By acquiring Camso Lodestar, the leader in the manufacturing of solid rubber tires in the country and a BOI enterprise, Michelin is now established in the island and will set to start their operations through that company.
“Mergers and acquisitions form the single largest component of foreign direct investment globally and they are more common in developed economies where well established enterprises are attractive to potential investors,” Eric Le Corre, Group Director Public Affairs of the Michelin group said.
“We have closed the deal with Camso and we are now a very significant player in Sri Lanka. It is also important to note that our incoming CEO has visited Sri Lanka and appreciates the importance that this country will play in Michelin’s future operations”
“Let me further state that the Michelin group is the second largest tire manufacturer in the world and is best known for having invented the detachable tire.
Our group is present in 17 countries and our total staff strength is approximately 114,000. In Asia, we are very strong in countries like Thailand, China and India and now Sri Lank,” he added.
He also noted that Sri Lanka is good in areas such as labour standards, which is very important to Western European consumers who place a considerable importance to high ethical standards of manufacture.
BOI Chairman Hemasiri Fernando assured the Michelin delegation that the BOI will fast-track the process and make every effort to ensure that Michelin’s operation will be smooth.
”We will leave no stone unturned to make it a success. We are very proud that you decided to opt to invest in Sri Lanka and look forward to future co-operation.  Let me assure you that Sri Lanka is now on an upward trend and that there is once again renewed interest in investing in the island.
We would also welcome more French companies to opt to consider investing in Sri Lanka and I have no doubt that Michelin’s decision will send a very positive message within France, Europe and globally,” Fernando said.

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