Planning to bell the cat!

A group of Green backbenchers had the other day met secretly to discuss an issue that was causing them much annoyance: the inexplicable delay in sending the discredited Khaki Chief home.
“They assure us that he would be soon sent home! But that doesn’t happen!”  One of them had articulated their common grouse.
“May we issue a hard-hitting statement to the media?” another had suggested.
“Do it and then it is we ourselves who may have to go home!” a third one had expressed his concern.
“May we get our actor-buddy’s man for all seasons Matara Sunil to do the needful?” a fourth one had suggested.
However, this suggestion had brought forth a general protest.
“Ammo! We too may get a ticket to the State lodge! Just see the number of court cases Matara Sunil Aiya is involved in!” One backbencher said and all others readily agreed!

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