JVP to launch protest against govt.

The JVP yesterday said its protest campaign scheduled to commence shortly could continue until the government was ousted.


Addressing the media at the party headquarters in Pelawatte, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said that the government was incapable of ruling the country. “The UNP leader who used to praise the open economic policies now talks of protectionist policies. The government is hell bent on promoting its FTA with Singapore.”


He said that the government had lost its bearings and was now in a quagmire. “The Maithri-faction in the government has realised this and that is why they talk of a caretaker government. Their only wish is to stay in power at any cost. In the meantime the rogues in Mahinda Rajapaksa camp too are promoting the idea of a caretaker government because they know a government they can control will help them interfere with the judicial process.


Sixteen MPs are in a dilemma. They can neither go back to Maithripala Sirisena nor join the Rajapaksa group. They, too, promote the idea of caretaker government for they are eyeing ministerial portfolios.”


“None of these groups has a clear vision as to how to steer the county out of this mess. People should join forces with the JVP to send this government home. We have held discussions with various organisations including trade unions, farmers and others. They will join our protest campaign on Tuesday. We are planning to continue with the agitation campaign till we see a regime change.”


JVP propaganda secretary MP Vijitha Herath also addressed the media.

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