Namal Kumara makes another startling revelation about DIG Nalaka de Silva

Director (Operations) of the Anti-Corruption Force Namal Kumara has made another revelation regarding DIG Nalaka de Silva of TID and a French national sending financial aid to carry out terrorist activities in the country with the knowledge of the DIG.

Namal Kumara had arrived at the CID yesterday (26) and recorded statements for several hours. Reportedly he has produced another CD containing the alleged telephone conversations with DIG Nalaka Silva.

A press conference was held today by Namal Kumara in order to provide explanations on the alleged conversations contained in the CD, which he had given the CID.

Accordingly, Namal Kumara disclosed a conversation to the media, pertaining to the threats made by DIG Nalaka de Silva to him.

He further presented several cheques and receipts to the media, relevant to the financial aid allegedly received from a French national, supposedly an associate of the diaspora, with the intention of causing a conflict between the Muslim and Tamil communities in the Eastern province.

Meanwhile, DIG Nalaka de Silva has been ordered by the court to produce himself before the Government Analyst’s Department tomorrow (28) to record his voice samples.

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