SL’s non-financial assets at Rs.814B

The Ministry of Finance says the total worth of nonmonetary assets in the government amounts to 814 billion rupees.

Issuing a statement the Finance Ministry said the statistics were revealed through the annual financial report for 2017.

Allegations have been levelled claiming the nonmonetary assets of the government had not been documented as required previously.

Therefore the subject Ministry had taken measures to identify, estimate and account nonmonetary assets of the government according to the approved process from 2015.

In 2015 the nonmonetary assets of the government had been recorded as 21 billion rupees while it was reported to have increased to 346 billion rupees in 2016.

Accordingly the government aims to strengthen the announcement on the financial status of the republic by reporting all nonmonetary assets of the central government that have not been documented so far within the next two years.

The Finance Ministry said an active programme in this regard is being carried out by the Treasury and the Department of State Accounts.

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