SLNS Sagara returns home on completion of successful naval exercise

Sri Lanka Naval Ship Sagara which left the island for Indonesia on last 24th April to attend Komodo-2018 Naval exercise and International Fleet Review, on completion of a successful tour returned to the Colombo port today (18 May).

On arrival in Colombo, she was welcomed in compliance with naval traditions and Senior Staff Officer (Operations) Commander (C) Janaka Samaranayake also attended this occasion. The Commanding Officer of the ship, Captain (C) Janaka Nissanka and Commander (C) Janaka Samaranayake held a discussion on the nature of exercises undertaken during the tour and their progress.

This training exercise took place from 4th to 9th May at Lombok Island in Indonesia and training sessions on Aviation Technology, Maritime Exhibitions, Community Engineering projects, Community Medical Projects and Field Programmes were conducted there.

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