Killing of Social Commerce in Sri Lanka – FB / Instagram ban in Sri Lanka

Video: Dulith Herath – Chairman and Founder of

The last few days social media ban has been an eye opener for many entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

We are placing Social Entreprenours at risk not only financially but also emotionally by creating a barrier that is not only unfair but also brings about instability to the online marketplace. New entrants into the market may give up quickly as a result of insecurity and we may see future trigger-ban happy politicians who use social media ban at will. I appeal to the GOSL to rethink their alternatives and come up with sustainable ways to foster the ecommerce entrepreneur, instead of these kind of bans which are not only ineffective in the long run but also detrimental to social entrepreneurship.

Established e-commerce enterprises such as Kapruka are not effected by this ban, while startup social commerce sites are gone from 100% to 0.

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