Chandi Malli and wife remanded in assault case

Kaduwela Acting Magistrate Hemantha Wettasinghe on Saturday remanded till March 13 Southern Provnicial Councillor H.K.Kasun alias Chandi Malli and his wife charged with assulting and injuring a 177 route bus driver at the Talangama -Koswatte junction.

Driver Milinda Sanath Sugathapala was released on Rs. 200,000 surety bail.

The prosecution had complained against the victim.

The police told court that the victim had parked his bus opposite the bus terminal obstructing the road. Though the suspect had urged the victim to move the bus away he had ignored the request. At this juncture the suspect had abused the victim and mercilessly assaulted him throwing him to the ground.

The suspect’s wife had allegedly attacked the victim several times with the butt of a pistol belonging to her husband, the police told court.

The prosecution objected to bail being granted to the two suspects citing that they had committed an unbailable offence under the Firearms Act.

The defence told court that a firearm had been issued by their client for self defence and said that the suspect had not committed a serious crime using the firearm and it was only an assault, hence requested bail.

But the judge rejected the plea by the prosecution and ordered the two suspects to be remanded till 13 and ordered the victim also to appear before court on the same day.

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