Elections for 6 PCs due in September Postponing Polls a violation of franchise– Deshapriya PCs essential for LG bodies to function

Chairman of the Elections Commission Mahinda Deshapriya says that while the elections to six Provincial Councils are scheduled to be held in September, any attempt to postpone them would constitute a violation of the people’s franchise.

Deshapriya, speaking at a media briefing yesterday (22), said if the Local Authorities, which are to be established on the results of the 10 February elections, are to operate properly, the elections to the Provincial Councils too have to take place as they are essential for the purpose.

“Power has been decentralized between the Local Government, the Provincial Councils and the Central Government. If stability is to be established, then it is essential that these elections take place,” he noted.

Furthermore, he added the delimitation committee report, for the upcoming Provincial Council elections, has already been submitted to the Government. However, if the Prime Minister is not satisfied with the report and its findings, the Chairman noted, he could appoint a special delimitation committee requesting a fresh report on the matter.

He added, all political parties have agreed to contest in a mixed electoral system. He however, noted that there has been a spate of various opinions regarding the matter.

“The Elections Commission cannot advise any political party on how to conduct the election. We cannot have an electoral system that will make everyone happy either.”

Elections to six Provincial Councils are due to be held in September this year and elections for three Provincial Councils, including the Western Provincial Council, are scheduled to take place in April 2019.

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