Sab Uni undergrad to represent SL at World Miss University pageant

Twenty-one-year old Dulani Rathnayake, an undergraduate of the University of Sabaragamuwa has been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the World Miss University pageant to be held in South Korea and Cambodia from November 25 to December 20.

World Miss University pageant is an international beauty contest held annually in Seoul since 1986 with an average of about 70 contestants every year. In fact, the event is held to select World Miss University Peace Corps Representatives. Thus each year, the World Miss University Peace Corps final delegation delivers a message of peace and love to the world through the Global Peace Movement and Environmental Sustainability Movement.

Dulani is currently studying for her BSc. in Sports Science Management at the University of Sabaragamuwa and was the winner of Miss Teen competition held in Sri Lanka in 2015.

Speaking to The Island Financial Review yesterday in Colombo, Dulani said,” “I’m indeed proud to represent the Sri Lankan university fraternity at an international pageant which promotes global peace and sustainable environment. I will be judged not only on my physical attributes, but also on my talents and intelligence. This is going to be a challenge as there will be about 80 participants from different countries in the competition this year. But I believe I can face it with confidence”.

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