Special program to boost Northern farmers – President

President Maithripala Sirisena says a special program will be implemented to boost the Northern farmer community who were engaged in agriculture courageously to develop the country as a self-sufficient one.

The President was speaking at the ceremony to vest the newly constructed Kilinochchi Special Agro- Economic Center with public today (Oct. 14).

The President stated that all required facilities will be provided to the Northern farmers by removing all weaknesses and defects in every sector. He said the farmers will be freed from debt burdens through the discussions with state and private banks.

The President stating that 100 of small and medium tanks in Trincomalee District are being renovated for the use of Eastern farmers. He said a special program will be implemented to renovate such tanks in Northern Province too.

He said special programs will be implemented to develop livestock sector in North.

The President unveiling the plaque opened the Agro-Economic Centre and made an inspection tour of it. The Economic Center was constructed at a cost of Rs.110 million.

Ministers Duminda Dissanayake, P. Harrison, Governor of the Northern Province Reginold Cooray, Members of Parliament Angajan Ramanadan and Kadar Massana, IGP, Air Force Commander and the Trincomalee District Secretary were among those participated in this occasion.

President Sirisena also opened the Milco Sales Outlet in Kilinochhci today.

During this event, a group of dairy farmers from Kilinochchi met the President and informed him regarding several issues, including the issues related to buying milch cattle, faced by them. The President paying his special attention in this regard promised to provide solutions for these issues immediately.

Meanwhile, a group of relatives of the disappeared persons met with the President and handed over a letter to the President. The President giving his consent to a request by them to meet the President for a half an hour, said he will promptly   arrange time for this meeting.

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