SL’s computer literacy 27.6% in 2016

The percentage of computer literate population over the survey periods has been gradually increasing. Overall computer literacy reported in 2016 for Sri Lanka is 27.6 percent.

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The survey results show an increase of 7.3 percentage points from 2009 to 2016 Urban sector shows the highest computer literacy rate (39.2%) among residential sectors. Computer literacy rate for rural and estate sectors are 2 6.1 percent and 10. 4 percent, respectively. Among the provinces, the highest level of computer literacy is reported from the Western province (38.1%) though a very small decline is observed compared to 2015, which is statistically insignificant. The lowest computer literacy is reported from the Eastern Province.

Computer literacy by district level shows the existing differences among districts and further shows the prevailing digital divide.

Computer literacy among males (29.5%) is higher than that of females (26.0%) in 2016. Youths (aged 15 –19 years) show the highest computer literacy rate (62.5%) among all other age groups.

The computer literacy rate has increased over the period and the same pattern can be seen in all disaggregated levels.

The survey results reveal that higher the level of education has higher the computer literacy. The group with A/L or above level of education shows the highest computer literacy rate (70.0%).

Also computer literacy is higher among those who are literate in English language (72.5%).

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