Port City land Auction of first plot next year

The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development plans to auction the first plot of reclaimed land, of the proposed Port City Project in Colombo, next year.

The Ministry states that having changed the previous agreement, the Government would……draw up the new agreement, in a manner that is conducive to the country and will implement its contents while not being pressured by anyone. The ministry also plans to introduce seven light railway tracks connecting Colombo City and its suburbs during the next five-year period. The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development also intends to oversee a 6.5 per cent increase in the building sector and has also overseen the reconstruction of the Atigalla Road while the work was carried out by the Urban Development Authority (UDA). The Ministry of Megapolis states, in a press release, that it has already undertaken the challenge of developing the Colombo District under a sustained programme during the next 10-year period. The ministry has pointed out that a total of 96 high quality projects in the Colombo District, towards this end, have already been initiated by the UDA. The Ministry of Megapolis has also earmarked an express bus service to be introduced in the Colombo City besides the restructuring of the train service in the metropolis. It has also stated that through the Port City project the City of Colombo will undergo rapid development in the next five-year period.

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